Side Blind Zone Alert system in Buick LaCrosse


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The Side Blind Zone Alert system will be available in the the new Buick LaCrosse to help drivers avoid those lane change mishaps that could result in an accident. What it is if the Side Blind Zone Alert system detects a vehicle in the adjacent lane, the system will illuminate a symbol on the side view mirror alerting the driver. If the driver activates the turn signal in the direction of the detected vehicle, the symbol will flash continuously to alert the driver of danger until the other vehicle has left the blind zone.

The blind spot situation had its fair share of accidents. When you try to make a lane change and sometimes you forget or too lazy to look over your shoulder to check the blind spot if sometimes there may be another vehicle hiding in your blind spot. And even when you avoid a crash, your heart still pounds from the adrenaline rush of the close call. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), improper lane changes are a factor in up to 85 percent of all crashes.

“The blind zone technology system enables the car to see where it is difficult for the driver to see,” said Kent Lybecker, a GM active safety systems engineer. “This technology makes lane changes safer because it alerts driver’s to vehicles that otherwise might escape their vision.”

The Side Blind Zone Alert system works by using alternating radar beams to make continuous, instantaneous sweep outward from the vehicle, covering a zone of about one lane wide on both sides of the vehicle. The zone also extends back approximately 10 feet from the rear of the vehicle for an added layer of protection.

Even with the Side Blind Zone Alert system in the Buick LaCrosse, drivers still need to look over the shoulders to check blind spots before changing lanes.