BMW 1-Series sold one million units


5087BMW 1 Series-1″ /BMW-1-Series-1

BWM announced today that it had sold one million BMW-1 Series cars since its debut in 2004. Although it is not that popular in North America due to its smaller size, but else in the world, sales of BMW 1-Series have been good. In its celebration, BMW delivered its one millionth BMW 1-Series anniversary to its proud owner today.

The BMW 1 Series is now available in three versions as a three-door Sedan, a five-door Sedan, and a Coupé and Convertible with a variety of engine configurations from four-cylinder engines to both gasoline and diesel turbo engines. The top-of-the-line BMW 1-Series is comparable to the Nissan 370Z in terms of speed and performance.

Later, BMW plans to introduce the all-electric AtiveE on the BMW 1-Series also to help further reduce CO2 emissions and fuel economy rating.

Source BMW