2011 Geely GE sedan, China’s first attempt at the Rolls Royce look alike


China Geely’s first attempt at the Rolls Royce look alike with its new 2011 Geely GE sedan. The new 2011 Geely GE sedan has been dramatically modify with a much rounder shape to look more like Chinese and less of British like. Inside, the model gets two rear seats rather than single king-size seat arrangement in the original concept.

The revised Geely GE sedan made its world debut at the Beijing Auto Show last month. The Geely GE limousine does not get a V12 engine like the Rolls Royce but instead it gets a V6 gasoline engine. The V6 engine produces about 278-horsepower and 340Nm of torque, which is mated to an automatic transmission.

Rolls-Royce announced that it may consider legal action against the China Geely automaker.

  • Allin

    I think u have misunderstood the author. This model is the first attempt of its kind in China. This 2011 model is just a revised version of the 2009 model.

  • Velo

    Second attempt, the first attempt was in 2009.