Ford Mustang heads oversea to race in FIA GT3 European Championship


Ford is planning to race oversea in the FIA GT3 European Championship, and this time it will not be the GT40 but the Ford Mustang instead. The racing-spec Ford Mustang has been supped up to take on European racing cars at its own turf. The racing-spec Mustang was modified inside and out, not only it is fast but also looks good. Is this body kit for sale? I am pretty sure a lot of Mustang owners would want one.

The racing-spec Ford Mustang was prepared by Canada’s Multimatic racing garage for the Marc VDS Racing Team, a team of Belgian and Canadian drivers. The Ford Mustang will take on European’s finest like the Porsche 911, BMW Alpina, Mercedes-Benz and other countless European car brands who will be participating in the prestigious FIA GT3 Championship race. The racing-spec Ford Mustang has already undergoing rigorous testing at Ford’s Bedfordshire test facility.

Can the Ford Mustang take home the championship cup and put the the European Union racing circuits to shame or will it be laughed at and send back home? We’ll keep you up-to-date on this racing challenge.

Source Jonsibal