Toyota Prius minivan may be coming in 2011


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There have been numerous rumors of a Toyota Prius minivan may be coming soon in 2011. So far, no official word yet from Toyota except a few concepts that it had touted here and there. Today’s citing of the Japanese Nikkei newspaper that Toyota has approved a “competively priced Prius hybrid minivan” for production in 2011, according to Reuter¬†news. The new Prius mini van model will be the first Prius-branded vehicle to fullfil Toyota’s campaign to spin off its Prius brand.¬†

Likely, the rumors are true as we’ve have seen my of the Prius hybrid mini van concepts. The new Prius hybrid minivan will be the first green car from Toyota to equip with an in-house developed lithium-ion battery pack to enable the Toyota Prius minivan to run lighter and longer on a single charge, as supposed to the heavy nickel-metal hydride battery pack currently used on the Toyota Prius. Toyota will initially manufacture lithium-ion batteries at its Teiho factory in Aichi Prefecture, and later plans to produce them at Panasonic EV Energy Company, a battery joint venture with Panasonic Corporation.

Not much details on the Toyota Prius minivan but from the rumors and touted concepts, we assume that the new Prius minivan will likely be based on the FT-CH concept, which features three rows of seats for carrying five to seven people.

Given to the popularity and success of the current Toyota Prius, it is likely that the Prius branded minivan will be successful as well. So far, Toyota has not yet given details about pricing or performance specs. Stay tuned….

Source Reuter

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