BMW Concept Gran Coupe to the challenge


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BMW unleashed its awesomeness at the Beijin Auto Show with its BMW Concept Gran Coupe. The four-door coupe is much sportier and sleeker looking than its brethren, the BMW 7 Series. The BMW Concept Gran Coupe is part the high-end wave that is being set by cars like the Mercedes-CLS, Volkswagen CC, Audi A7, Porshe Panamera, and Aston Martin Rapide…. well, you get the picture.

The BMW Gran Coupé is aggressive looking and well trimmed with 16.4 feet long, and it is four inches flatter than both the 5 and 7 Series sedans. The BMW Grand Coupe has frame-less doors and LED lighting to give the it a stunning look.

BMW describes the Concept Gran Coupe as the “striking dynamic proportions”, “sporty, flat silhouette” and “sculptural shaping” that fuse “the exclusivity of a Gran Turismo with the fascination of a high-performance sports car.” We’ll have to see for ourself to believe it, but so far, it looks stunning. Now, lets see if its performance can back up its look.

It is likely that the BMW Gran Coupe will be available by late next year or so to catch up with the high-end coupe trend.