Ford Start Concept out of Beijing will have you thinking of “Pinto”


It’s about time Beijing had a taste of the good old Ford Pinto style, and lets hope that its gas tank doesn’t blow up in the streets of Beijing. Luckily for Beijing, it is not the old Ford Pinto, introducing the Ford Start Concept. It just made its debut at Beijing Auto Show today. Although it’s no Ford Pinto but its rear end sure does look like a Pinto.

The Ford Start concept was developed with energy efficient and environmental friendly in mind. It uses a combination of aluminum and high strength steels to keep body weight down, and yet provided maximum structure integrity. The body panels are made from recyclable composites with mold-in color, so there is no need for painting.

The Ford Start Concept’s styling is clean and simple to keep manufacturing cost down, but still provides economic affordability.

“The Ford Start Concept is the first pure concept we’ve developed under our ‘One Ford’ approach,” says Moray Callum, executive director, Americas Design. “J Mays, Martin Smith and I worked with Freeman and his team to deliver a concept that visually reinforces the fun to drive element that is at the core of the Ford brand DNA.”

On the performance side, the Ford Start comes with the new EcoBoost engine. The new smaller 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine is turbocharged with direct-injected fuel system. You may thinking that the 1.0-liter engine must be a typo or something, but no. Our estimation that the 1.0-liter turbocharged engine should be making around 95 to 105 horsepower, and that is almost near the horsepower range of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine.

Ford has no plans to produce the Ford Start Concept for the masses yet. As for right now, Ford is touting the Fiesta electric. But we may see the Ford Start Concept in a couple of years when there is a need for Ford to take out a competitor in the green car market.

  • Alex Kilpatrick

    The new Ford Start would be perfect for North America and could come here as the new Ford Pinto. GM brought back some of it’s worst car names with success. Why not Ford?. Sure is a sweet look. It would easily compete with what’s on the microcar market right now.