Mercedes-Benz G Class is back


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The United Kingdoms may just get another taste of the Mercedes-Benz G Class again by this fall. After missing in action from the UK for almost a decade, the Mercedes-Benz G class will make a come back to the UK with a choice of diesel or supercharged gasoline engine.

In the diesel form, the Mercedes-Benz G class gets a G 350 CDI engine, which produces 221HP with UK rated fuel economy of 25.7 mpg, and while the top-of-the-line G 55 AMG Kompressor model produces a staggering 500 hp with sprint time from 0-62 mph at around 5.5 seconds. The Mercedes-Benz G comes with an automatic transmission with high and low gear ratios.

Luxury is what made the Mercedes-Benz G class set apart from the like of HUMMER. On the exterior, there are Bi-Xenon headlamps and parking assist sytem. As for the interior, you will find automatic climate control, heated seats with memory, leather upholstery, and a Harman Kardon Logic 7 Sound system.

Mercedes-Benz will also offer a diesel-powered commercial version called the G 300 CDI Professional for the Mercedes-Benz G class if those you who wants more horsepower from a diesel engine.

Ouch! The Mercedes-Benz G class isn’t cheap like your HUMMER. Prices are set at about $89,664 for the G 300 CDI Professional, $123,689 for the G 350 GDI, and $177,820 for the 500HP G 55 AMG. Maybe it is time for Mercedes-Benz G Class to do a vanishing act again with those steep prices. A diesel-powered HUMMER might sound good about now.