Ford Fiesta S1600 in the UK, another Beetle?


5587Ford Fiesta S1600-2″ /Ford-Fiesta-S1600-2-620×412

Ford UK is having all the fun with the Ford Fiesta. First it got the Fiesta RS500, and now, it gets the Ford Fiesta S1600 that looks like the old VW Beetle with painted blue stripes down the middle of the car.

The Ford Fiesta S1600 is a standard three-door model, which will be available only in the UK. It is supped up with a new body kit, 17-inch painted white wheels and racing blue stripes down the middle of the car. In the interior, it has a new leather-wrapped steering wheel, new handbrake cover, gear knob and signature floor mats, all to give the distinction of the Fiesta S1600.

The engine power of the Ford Fiesta S1600 remains the same with the standard 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. But there is an engine upgrade from Mountune to boost another 20 horsepower, which drops the Fiesta S1600’s sprint time from 0-60 mph by two whole seconds.

There are only 650 units of the Ford Fiesta S1600 produced, and it is now available at the dealers in the UK for $25,538. Pricey for a Fiesta? Yes, but not for the Fiesta enthusiasts.