mini Buick Enclave soon to arrive 2012? update


Looks like GM will be offering a mini Buick Enclave instead of the Chevrolet Orlando crossover in the U.S. During a CBS interview with GM’s main designer, Ed Welburn, we caught a glimpse footage of a mini SUV in the making. We are pretty sure that is not the the Orlando because GM is having it only available in Canada. So, we’re thinking a possibility of a mini Buick Enclave instead.

From the facial structure of the molding, its look like that this mini SUV crossover will be based on an Aveo platform. Earlier news from the Associated Press pointed out that Buick will produce an Aveo-based crossover in Orion Township, Michigan, and this may be it.

Again, from the model clay and the Associated Press’ report, we are about 80% sure that this will be the next mini Buick Enclave. But whatever it soon to be, it does look very compact and aerodynamic in its form.

If you are one of those who dislike the Buick Enclave because of its bulkiness, then this new mini Buick Enclave may just be the right size for you. Like the Aveo-based vehicles, you can expect this new mini Buick Enclave will be a lot more fuel efficient as well. We expect fuel economy would be around a combined 32 miles per gallon.

This is very exciting news for those who would like to own a mini SUV. We can expect to see this mini Buick Enclave by 2012. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.


Here are some new rendering photos of what the new 2012 mini Buick Enclave would look like. The pictures below came from a Chinese website According to the website, we will get to see the mini Buick Enclave concept by the end of this year and it is likely to hit the market in mid 2012.

The mini Buick Enclave will be built on the same platform as the Opel Astra, which is already produced in China for the Buick Excell and the Chevrolet Cruze. Whether it will be elsewhere in the world is another question. Currently, Buick would like to get its foot in the Chinese market, and it has been building vehicles for this market first as we have seen in the Buick LaCrosse and Regal.

Anyhow, these photos are rendered from the first image that we caught in the NBC video of what we think will be the new mini Buick crossover. Stay tuned…

  • adaval

    It was sure nice to finally get an up-date that was actually dated in August of 2011 on the Buick Encore. Thanks Buick! ! ! Now we can only hope that Buick lives up to the Buick name and produce’s a quality Buick both in build and appearance. Can’t wait to see some pictures. . .

  • Fallguy

    Check out the new update in this post. A concept model of the mini Buick Enclave will be out by the end of this year.

  • adaval

    I have not seen any new news nothing in 2011 on the new Buick Encore, everything is dated 2010. If it’s to be out in 2012 looks like you could give us something new to go on. . Is it really going to happen or not. I feel like we as customers have been jerked around for way too long. Does Buick really want us to just keep standing by waiting.

  • adaval

    I am asking the same as Bud Byers, when is the new Buick Encore going to give us an up-date and show us some specks on the vehicle.. Haven’t had an up-date since last year. There is nothing posted for 2011.

  • Bud Byers

    Is there any update at this time on the reveal of the new Buick Encore???
    Thank you!

  • adaval

    I must say I am disappointed once again with Buick. I have been waiting 2 years for the new Buick Encore SUV, was hoping it would live up to “Buick” or my expectation of a Buick. I was sure you would make the Encore as wide as the Enclave now I read that it will NOT be as wide as even the Equinox or the Terrain. What a disappointment. . . You will be sitting shoulder to shoulder, not comfortable for the young or old. I sure hope you re-thing the width of the new Buick. One other complaint I have in the new cars now they are putting the gas tank on the right side of the car. Did you ever stop to think that you are bringing the driver around the car away from the drivers door. Maybe you do not realize how many women pump their own gas, in the car alone. A woman would have her purse on the seat and you are inviting someone to come in the drivers side and take either the car or their purse while you are on the other side of the car. A very bad move. .