China Geely plans to produce a very low-cost car


5733Geely IG Concept-3″ /Geely-IG-Concept-3-620×465

China Geeely plans to produce the world’s cheapest car that is rival to the Indian Tata Nano. The Chinese Geely has announced that it will produce its IG Concept car to the market at a cost of about $2,250. Not only the IG car is cheap but it will be at a higher quality than the Tata Nano, says Geely. From the pictures, the IG Concept car does look way better than the plastic looking Tata. 

The IG Concept car is expected to come with a small 1.0-liter engine that produces about 70 horsepower. The Geely IG will be a front-wheel drive car with a CVT gearbox when the car comes to the China and Russian markets in 2012. We can expect great fuel economy from the IG car, with a least 40 miles per gallon.

In addition, there may be an all-electric version for both Europe and the U.S in 2014. Geely plans to have an electric motor that puts out about 80 power and 133 lb-ft of torque. And it can travel about 93 miles on a single charge.

A good looking $2,250 car like the IG Concept is always a welcome to any market, especially, in the U.S. China Geely seems like to hit the sweet spot with the IG Concept car. We predict that this car will be selling like hot cakes all over the world.