Porsche offers retrofitting parts for 911


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Porshe is offering the retro look parts for its Porshe 911. Now, Porshe fans can enjoy the 911 Sport Classic look, which only 250 units were built. The Porshe 911 Sport Classic parts are available in individual pieces with the Sport Classic wheels, PDK steering wheel with gearshift paddles, aerokit cup, and sport design front body panel. The wheels come in 8.5×19 front and 11.5×19 rear sizes.

Owners who purchased a non-turbo Porshe with dual clutch PDK gearbox within a few years ago can get the PDK turbo steering wheel. The PDK non-turbo steering wheels all had spoke-mounted toggle switch shifters, and while the PDK turbo wheel features racing-style metal paddles mounted on the back of the wheel.

In the body retrofitting department,  a new aerokit cup and the front body panel are part of the Porshe 911 Sport Classic look. These retro parts are not cheap, the aerokit cup costs about $6,377, the wheels are about $7,148, the PDK steering wheel is about $1,207, and the sport design front body panel costs about $6,377.

If you are a U.S. Porshe fan, you may have to wait a couple of months because these parts are just now available in Europe.