Audi R4 production is a Go!


Audi plans to produce the Audi R4 but hasn’t quiet decided whether or not to build it on stamped steel architecture or an aluminum space frame chassis. Since this will be a light and modern car, naturally, a light weight aluminum chassis is much better for this sports car. Well, that is up for debate at the moment in the board room for a cost effective chassis.

While the chassis is in debating mode, the powertrain department is already set, the Auid R4 will get two turbocharged gasoline engines of 1.4-liters and 1.6-liters. In addition, a 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine is in the works in place of the all-electric powertrain in concept model.

Now, it is up to Volkswagen to decide the outcomes of the development of all three Audi R4 variants. According to an unnamed insider, “Scale is important to a project like this… But with three different car makers working to a common goal, the chances [of it getting the go-ahead] look good.”