Land Rover Sport hybrid electric, Range_e


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Land Rover gas guzzler SUV will get its first hybrid version in 2013. The Range Rover Sport hybrid prototype is named the Range_e, which it will test with a combination of gas/diesel hybrid power. Comparable to other SUV hybrid like the Cadillac SUV, it is expected that the hybrid Range Rover Sport can travel up to 20 miles on pure electric on a single charge.

Currently, Land Rover is conducting test on the plug-in hybrid Range_e diesel version for Europe. It is expected that the gasoline hybrid version will be later in the works for U.S. consumption. A ZF 8-speed automatic transmission will be used to shift power to the rear wheels, and possibly an all-wheel drive version may be available.

To further save fuel, the Rover Sport Range_e will use aluminum chassis and other light weight materials. Chief engineer of hybrids at Jaguar Land Rover, Peter Richings, said, “It means you can drive a Range Rover for at least 18.6 miles on full electric power in the city, emissions of less than 100g/km and speeds of up to 115kph in EV mode.”

We can expect the Land Rover Range_e will make its debut sometimes  in late 2012.