Honda is delaying the next generation Civic production


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Honda is delaying the next generation of the Civic design, which it will not arrive until 2011. Most of its delays were due to tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations. Most automakers and Honda stick to a five-year product cycle for their highest-selling model, and the generation Civic is way past due since its debut in September of 2005.

According to AutoWeek, John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda, said the next Civic would come next year. Another reason for delay was Honda wants to redesign the Civic to be larger than the current model.

“In general, we are not changing cycles,” he said. “We change vehicles as need be. The ability to do something based on more current information is better than waiting a full model cycle. Some of that is being able to have the opportunity to change [based on] what you see happening in the marketplace.”

Much of the delays all boil down to one goal, Honda wants the Civic be competitive in every way: from fuel economy to looks in order to compete with products like the 2012 Ford Focus. So every refinement will up the ante of equipment, performance and style on the next generation Honda Civic.

The Civic is still one of the world’s best-selling compact economy cars. It had sold about one million units last year, and about one-third of those sales were in the United States. So, to maintain that status quo, it is prudent that Honda stays on top to maintain the Civic will be attractiveness, afford-ability, and reliability.