BMW M3 GTS-R gets more juicy


5901BMW M3 GTS-R-1″ /BMW-M3-GTS-R-1

In celebration of the successful return to the 24 Hours of Nuburging, BMW may revise the BMW M3 GTS-R to be more potent. The BMW M3 GTS-R was introduced six months ago with the new revised package that included a 450-hp V8 engine, upgraded brakes, suspension, and aero package.

To get more juicy flowing in the M3 GTS-R, it is expected another power upgrade will boost the BMW M3 GTS-R to around 500 plus horsepower. In the exterior, more carbon fiber body panels will be added to reduce the weight. Another change is the wider wheel arches with Y-shaped five-spoke rims to flush the fenders.

Stay tuned…we’ll have more details coming soon.