2015 Volvo SC90 Sports Sedan Concept


It seems like the trend to move into the modern era of car design has left some companies behind. Buick recent change its image with the introduction 2011 Buick Regal GS, which appeals to a more younger audience. Now, Volvo is introducing a new hot concept car to re-brand its image as well, the Volvo SC90 Sedan Concept. The Volvo SC90 Sedan Concept will the hottest car that will come out Volvo, which was thought up by Nouphone J. Bansasine while studying at the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center.

The new Volvo SC90 Sedan Concept is designed to be a sports car with an aggressive fascia and its fastback roof line to the aerodynamic rear end. Instead of moving directly into the two-door sports car arena, Volvo first eases the transition by designing a four-door sedan instead. Once glance at the Volvo SC90 Sedan Concept, you may think it is a two-door coupe, but instead it is a four-door coupe with flushed door handles.

If the Volvo SC90 Sedan Concept ever makes to production to look like the concept form, Volvo may get a huge shift of customers come back to its brand. Volvo has been known to design safe cars, but its looks are so bland over the years (excitement of Volvo cars felt off the chart.) With the new SC90 Sedan Concept, Volvo may change people’s perception that Volvo can produce beautiful safe cars. BMW and Mercedes may have a new competitor soon in 2015.

There’s no news about the powertrain yet. Since the trend for hybrid cars is on the rise, our guess is that the Volvo SC90 Sedan Concept will be based on a hybrid system.