2011 BMW X3 teased photos


60512011 BMW X3 teased photos-1″ /2011-BMW-X3-teased-photos-1BMW is releasing teased photos of the 2011 X3 well in advance of the 2010 Paris Auto Show, which will be five months from now. You can’t really tell much from these photos, except that you know there will be major changes to the rear and front ends.¬†

We can sit here and speculate all we want, but we know all too well, most BMW exterior changes usually done with subtlety. You won’t see a drastic change like many other car manufacturers done to their revised cars. Take for example the BMW 3 Series, that hasn’t got changed much from one year to another. Only after five years or so through the changes, and you look back, you will notice a big change.

As we noted from the previous spy shots of the camouflage 2011 BMW X3, we aren’t expecting dramatic changes to the ¬†exterior. It looks like a revised fascia to smoothly joining the hood and taillights with similar styling to the 3 Series and 5 Series. Also, there may be a four-cylinder engine on the horizon for the 2011 BMW X3.