Toyota FT-86 production delayed to 2013


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Yet another report of delay for the production of the Toyota FT-86. Toyota will delay the release of the FT-86 from 2011 to 2013. The delay was mainly due to the changes in the design direction and powertrain strategy to keep the cost of the Toyota FT-86 down and provide an environmental friendly sports car at the same time.

As reported previously, Toyota is not too sure about the styling of the coupe before it reaches production because of its cost has surpassed the original plan. Honda has the successful CR-Z hybrid in the market right now, and Toyota is gauging its success to which could influence a possibility of a FT-86 hybrid model with similar price range to the Honda CR-Z.

With a FT-86 hybrid powertrain and front-wheel drive, surely, it won’t be that much exciting to drive the FT-86. A true affordable sports car from Toyota’s intended plan may be strayed, and will crush many expectations from the Toyota FT-86 fans.

Whatever future may hold for the Toyota FT-86, we will see its next revision at the Tokyo Motor Show in the end of 2011. And there is always the identical version of the Subaru STI RWD for backup, and it is on schedule to deliver by 2011.