Chevy Unveiled Five Camaro Concepts at SEMA


If you haven’t been thinking of a Camaro since its debut, hopefully these new Camaro concetps may change your mind a bit.  Chevrolet unveiled five beastly-beauty Camaro concepts at the annual SEMA Convention.  I feel like a kid at an ice cream truck  when I see these cars; each Camaro concept representing its own style and performance to suite your personality, so vote on your favorite(s).

The Camaro concept cars include:

  • A race-ready, twin-turbocharged V-6 (Jay Leno Concept) concept built for talk show host and auto enthusiast Jay Leno
  • The Camaro Synergy concept that reveals a new, limited-production exterior color for spring 2010 and is accented with a number of production accessories and custom touches
  • The Camaro Chroma, an SS-based concept with a number of future accessories
  • The Camaro Dusk, which incorporates current and proposed accessories to create a contemporary tuner aesthetic
  • Camaro Graphics, highlighting six proposed accessory graphics packages, with online voting by the public to gauge interest in potential future production of one or more of the packages.

The above picture is the Jay Leno Camaro Concept.  What intriguing about this Camaro is that it sports a Turbonetics T3 twin-turbocharged V-6 engine.  Yes, you heard me, twin turbos!  Why twin turbos, you may ask? One reason is that the turbos can spool up faster so the there is minimum lag.  You will feel instantaneous power just like the Nissan GTR, and the launch from 0-60 will be quicker.  Turbonetics has a reputation of building fast spool up turbos.  These similar turbos (T1) were used in the 1990- 1993 Nissan 300ZX in the past, and have produced exceptional numbers at the track.  Turbo lags were reduced to negligible and track time was reduced also.

The Jay Leno Camaro Concept engine produces about 425 horsepower.  That’s about 40 percent greater than stock and in normal driving.   The beauty of these turbos is that there is no penalty in fuel economy over the non-turbocharged 3.6L engine when the turbos are not making boost.