Mustang V-6 takes on the 1,000-Lap Challenge


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On June 23 a team of four Ford Mustang engineers, along with NASCAR star David Ragan, will show what the 2011 Mustang V-6’s 31 mpg fuel economy is all about when they take on the 1,000-Lap Challenge, which is an equivalent of 533 miles, at Bristol Motor Speedway on a single tank of fuel.

“We all know how much fun it is to drive Mustang, but in today’s market customers also care about fuel economy,” said Jamie Allison, director, Ford North America Motorsports. “By going at least 1,000 laps on one of NASCAR’s most popular tracks, we expect to show that when it comes to Mustang, you can have both performance and fuel economy.”

As most of us know by now, the Mustang is powered by a lightweight, all-aluminum 3.7-liter dual-overhead-cam (DOHC) V-6 engine. The twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) adjusts the valvetrain in microseconds depending on driver inputs, further contributing to the engine’s overall efficiency.

The Mustang used at the 1000-Lap Challenge will have no special modifications; it is the same Mustang V-6 that is currently found on the lot.

“This car we will be driving at Bristol is exactly the same Mustang that consumers can purchase at their local Ford dealership,” said Tom Barnes, vehicle engineering manager, Mustang. “We’re not doing any tricks or making any modifications. The base car delivers 31 mpg and this is what you can buy. It has standard tire pressure, standard ride height, standard octane fuel. We’re just going to be driving it.”

Fans have until 10:00 am on June 23 to enter a drawing to win a 2011 Mustang V-6 by correctly guessing the number of complete laps the car completes on a tank of gas at