Honda Fit Hybrid will be the cheapest compact


Competition in the subcompact hybrid car market is getting fierce. Honda plans to root out the competition by lowering the price of its Fit Hybrid base model to 1.5 million yen, which is about $16,570, as reported by Japan’s Nikkei newspaper.

The Honda Fit Hybrid will debut this fall in Japan, and it will be the cheapest hybrid car available for the masses in Japan. In comparison with other hybrid cars in Japan, the Honda Fit Hybrid is about $4,500 cheaper than the Honda Insight and about $8,000 cheaper than the Toyota Prius.

In response to the lowering price of the Honda Fit, many auto manufacturers are focusing to slash prices of their hybrid lines as well. Current prices of hybrid cars are way too high to be affordable for everyday commuting, and competitions are always good, which means that this price war will be beneficial for consumers.

  • MyNoDha

    It’s funny how they show a picture of a mountain bike in the back of the fit. I love to mountain bike I’ve never been able to fit my mountain bike as it is shown in the picture. The handlebars hit the window, the forks hit the seats and the rear tire it is pressed against the back of the car. It appears that a smaller mountain bike was used in the picture. Additionally, I’m a small guy… 5’8″. I have medium mountain bike and my front seat is somewhat forward… because I’m short. Yet the bike won’t easily fit as it it shown. It’s better if I remove both wheels… which requires slightly more time.

    • Vincent_Van

      The picture you see is Photoshop by Honda, but it will fit if you take the wheel off.