Inflatable car seat belt from Ford


Inflatable car seat belts are designed to provide additional protection for rear-seat passengers.  These inflatable car seat belts will be the first of its kind introduces by Ford Motor Corporation.  The inflatable car seat belts are aimed to provide additional protection for children and older passengers who are more vulnerable to head, chest and neck injuries.  If you have a child on board, a standard child seat belt won’t be enough to prevent major trauma injuries.  The new Ford’s inflatable car seat belts will enhance the safety protection of the standard child seat belt.

Ford’s claim that the inflatable rear seat belts spread forces over five times more the area of the body than standard seat belts. Hence, the pressure from a collision does not concentrate in one specific area of the body such as the chest, head, and neck .   As you can see the from the pictures, it looks like a normal car seat belt at the beginning; but once a collision started, the seat belt automatically busted out and inflated to act as a cushion.

The Ford’s inflatable car seat belts will debut on the next-generation Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle in 2010, and eventually will offer these inflatable car seat belt in all vehicles throughout the world.