Audi TTS plans to conquer Pikes Peak


Audi is teaming up with various labs from computer hardware to dynamics control.  It plans to conquer  Pikes Peak of California and claims as king of the mountain.  You may know that Pikes Peak is the ultimate challenge to test the skills of not only the race driver but also the car.  Every twist and turn of Pikes Peak requires undivided attention; one false move you could end down the ravine.  Many tried but few succeeded the ultimate goal, because you need a car that is one with the road and the driver (not on this car).

To create such a car, you need to call upon all the thinking and experience of people in many related fields. Audi has teamed up with Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab, Stanford Dynamics Design Lab, and Sun Microsystems for the central processing unit.  When you put all these teams together, you get a telematic control system that let the driver becomes with the car.  Every year many cars come to claim the best speed time to the top, and the Audi TTS is just another car waiting to be eaten up by the mountain.  Will the Audi TTS Pikes Peak able to claim such a name or will it create another statistic category “tin can” who got crushed by the mountain, we’ll see?