Chrysler 200C is on the horizon

Chrysler 200C may get Pentasar V6

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It seems like the production of the Chrysler 200C is imminent. Noticas Automotivas got a hold of some car patent drawings that look much like the Chrysler 200C Concept from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Usually, if these patent drawings found its way into the patent office, it is more likely that it will make to final production. As of now, we don’t have the estimation for theĀ  Chrysler 200C price yet.

From the drawing, the car retains much of the original concept design of the Chrysler 200C with rounded front fenders and bulging rear end. In addition, it has similar headlights and front grille.

As for now, not much details of the Chrysler 200C have been released since it showed up at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. But if we guessing, it will like get the new Pentasar V6 found in the new 2010 Grand Jeep Cherokee. From the see through picture, the Chrysler 200C might get an all-drive electric or a hybrid model as well. As you can see from picture, there are two motors mounted with one in the front and one in the rear. And the blue containers lined in a “T” configuration are the battery cells.

At any rate, the Chrysler 200C is a beautiful, elegant, streamlined car. If Chrysler stays true to its concept design and the price is right, it may just give other luxury car manufacturers for the run of its money. Let’s hope that the Chrysler 200C price won’t be astronomical. We’ll have to wait to see for the Chrysler 200C price when it releases near launch time.

Chrysler 200C Video

Source Noticas Automotivas