2011 Toyota Highlander to debut at Moscow Motor Show in August

2011 Toyota Highlander at Moscow Auto Show

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Toyota  will debut its redesigned Highlander at the Moscow Motor Show in August 25, and will go on sale in Russia and Ukraine later after the show. We got the first glimpse of the 2011 Toyota Highlander today, and it will come with a few changes. It is likely that the U.S. version will soon to follow this fall of 2010, with three trims available in Base, Sport and Limited.

The new 2011 Toyota Highlander will be offered three choices of engine configurations: 4-cylinder  engine, V-6 engine, and a V-6 hybrid. Start with the V6 3.5-liter engine that generates about  270 horsepower with an option of a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. The 3.3-liter V6 hybrid with two electric motors can muster out about 270 horsepower as well. And lastly, the 4-cylinder engine produces about 200 horsepower.

There are no significant changes to the engine built from previous year model, so we expect fuel economy is comparable to last year model with 20/27 miles per gallon city/highway for the base model.

From the exterior look, the 2011 Highlander’s body sculpture remains relatively the same, but we noticed the front fascia is more leaner and more aggressive than previous year model. As for the rear end look of the 2011 Toyota Highlander, Toyota did not provide that picture. Imagine on!

Stay tuned! We’ll have more pictures a few days before the Moscow Motor Show in August 25, 2010.