Twin-turbo V6 Corvette may arrive by 2013

Twin-turbo V6 Corvette by 2013

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In March of this year we had reported that GM may be considering a V6 Corvette, but a normal V6 is just not going to cut it for an iconic car such as the Corvette. So Chevrolet is considering a twin-turbo V6 Corvette instead.

So what’s the likely candidate engine for this consideration but no other than the already potent V6 found in the current Camaro, which produces about 306 horsepower. And slap in a pair of turbos, and you got yourself V8 horsepower territory with less metal to lug around.

The possibility of a twin-turbo V6 may arrive in 2013 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette. According to Autoweek, there is a push to try and get the twin-turbo V6 Corvette out in-time to celebrate the Corvette’s 60th anniversary. And this has manifested in the recent news that Saab engineers are currently working on a transmission for a twin-turbo V6-powered Corvette.

Now the question is, at what price for this twin-turbo V6 Corvette is right? At $30K, $35k or $40K? Surely, if it goes over $40K, that is not justifiable for a V6 engine.

Source Autoweek