New sports packages for Porshe Panamera Sports

Porsche New Individualization Programme for the Panamera

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Porshe will offer a Powerkit for the Panamera Turbo. The power package will raise engine output by 40 hp to 540 hp. In addition, a Sport Design Package and the new 20-inch Panamera Sports wheel. These packages will widen the differences in each of the so called “individualization programme”.

Upgrades on the Panamera Turbo are two new turbochargers with titanium alluminum turbine wheels. As a result, the V8 engine puts out from 500HP to 540HP and torque from 700Nm to 750Nm (533 lb-ft). If in overboost mode included in the Sport Chrono package which is available ex factory as part of the Panamera Turbo Powerkit, it goes up to 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque.

In the Sport Plus mode, the Panamera Powerkit Turbo can accelerates from 0 to 62mph in 3.9 seconds, which is 0.1 sec faster than the production car. Its top speed is about 305 km/h (190mph), which is 2 km/h more than the production model. As for fuel consumption, Porshe claims that fuel consumption remains the same as that of the 500-hp production model at 11.5 lt/100km (24.6 mpg imp) during the NEDC test cycle, and that is equivalent to about 20.4 mpg U.S. standard.

According to Porshe, the performance package will cost about €16,695.7 ($21,400) including VAT and will be available in September. That is a big chunk of dough for a merely 40 horsepower increase. And the Powerkit as a retrofit kit will launch in November 2010.

As for the Sport Design Package, it will be available on all Panamera models in October 2010. The package includes a unique, exterior color painted front end with widened black air intake grilles, separate side skirts, and exterior color painted rear underbody apron with diffuser and fins. The package costs about $5,880, and the side skirts can be bought separately at $2,038. In addition, the new alloy wheels are available separately as well, at about $2,047.