Droptop Customs plans to zip out a convertible Cadillac CTS

Droptop Customs Cadillac CTS convertible

No one dares to unzip the Cadillac CTS until now. Droptop Customs, the guys behind the convertible Dodge Challenger, is now to take on the challenge to make a convertible Cadillac CTS. The plan is to shave out the upper portion of the top sheet metal and replace with a soft-top for the Cadillac CTS.

In looking at the rendered pictures, it would be a challenge for Droptop Customs because of the structure integrity compromise to the Cadillac CTS. As we know, the Cadillac CTS’s body structure was built to withstand its performance powertrain.

But Droptop Customs has 30 years of experience in convertible conversion, we have high hopes that it can be done. But how much metal can be shaved off from the Cadillac CTS to make it looks like a factory fit, we will have to see. The final product may not look like the rendered pictures.

Droptop Customs had done before last year with the convertible Dodge Challenger at the SEMA show, and was awarded with a design award from Chrysler. For whatever it’s worth, it would nice to see a convertible Cadillac CTS this year.