Toyota FT-86 four-door version is in the works!

The Toyota FT-86 sedan

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It seems like Toyota can’t make up its mind these days on the Toyota FT-86.  First, the change in prices; then, switching to a hybrid engine system; and now, a four-door version. The new four-door FT-86 will be based on the rear-wheel drive FT-86.

Why Toyota plans to build a sedan FT-86? Well, just in case the coupe didn’t sell well, Toyota has sedan FT-86 to fall back on. From an inside source,  the FT-86 sedan will have the FT-86’s Subaru Liberty-based mechanical package, a 150-kiloWatt boxer engine and six-speed manual transmission from the Impreza as well.

Expect price to jump from the initial offering of $22,000 to about $30,000 for the FT-86 sedan. So much for Toyota to dub the FT-86 as an affordable fun, sports car.

With all things said, this is just a rumor. It will be a costly endeavor for Toyota to build a four-door variant of the FT-86. Stay tuned as more juicy stuff will be flowing out of Toyota.

Source Carsguide