Cervini releases new body kit for 2011 Ford Mustang GT

The Cervinis C500 2011 Mustang GT body kit

Cervini just released its upcoming body kit for new 2011 Mustang before the SEMA show. As we know, the new Cervini C500 has been in a couple of auto shows recently. The modified package looks awesome, which includes the new urethane kit includes a hood, front bumper, side skirts, side scoops, a rear valence, a ducktail spoiler, upper and lower billet grilles, a set of fog lights and a side-exiting exhaust system.

The hood and side scoops are available for purchase currently, and the rest of the body kit will be available in a couple of months. As you can expect the price for this package is not cheap, if you can remember, the full kit C500 was about $26,000 for the 2005-2009 models.

Looking good but no go is not good, so Cervini also made available of a power kit to raise horsepower to 535 horsepower. No word on the pricing yet, but it should be around $5000-$6000 more.

  • Vincent_Van

    The 2013 Mustang 5.0 costs about $37,000, the body kit costs about $6,000, and installation cost adds another $2,000. Roughly $45,000.

  • Vincent Van

    You are looking at about $55K to $60K.