Hyundai BlueOn electric car unveiled

Hyundai BlueOn unveiled in South Korea

Hyundai unveiled its first ever electric car, the BlueOn, in South Korea. The Hyundai BlueOn is based on the  the i10 hatchback that was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. The BlueOn is powered by a 16.4 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack, which can provide a maximum power of 81ps(61kW) and maximum torque of 21.4kg/m(210Nm).

The lithium-polymer batter pack provides enough juice for BlueOn to go as much as 87 miles on a single charge, but of course, the range should be less than 80 miles in real world driving condition. The Hyundai BlueOn has a maximum speed of 80 mph and can blast from 0-62 mph in 13.1 seconds.

Best of all the, Hyundai BlueOn has dual recharging methods: a 220V household power and a 380V industrial-strength power. With household power, the battery is fully charged within six hours. And with the quick charge method (380V), the battery can be recharged to about 80 percent of its capacity within 25 minutes.

In keeping up with public safety, the Hyundai BlueOn is equipped with a Virtual Engine Sound System to create synthetic audio feedback for pedestrians.

South Korea is the launching and testing bed for the Hyundai BlueOn for the moment, and hopefully, if all things go according as planned, we will see the BlueOn in the States by early of next year. Check out the press release below for more details.