Motive Kestrel EV made of hemp composite


7797Motive Kestrel EV-3″ /Motive-Kestrel-EV-3

Due to high interest, Motive, the Canadian automaker released more details on the hemp-bodied electric car called the Kestrel. The Kestrel was unveiled at the EV 2010 VE Conference and Trade Show a few weeks ago.

The Kestrel’s exterior design is a cross between to the Smart Fortwo and the Honda Fit, which enables the Kestrel to have a four-seater configuration. But what interesting about the Motive Kestrel is that its body is made of a bio-fibre hemp based composite. Motive claims that the hemp-bodied composite not only reduces weight but can with stand to rust and increase impact absorption better than convention fiber glass or alloy steel.

The Motive Kestrel EV weighs in about 1,874 lbs, which is about 200 pounds heavier that the Smart Fortwo. Not bad for a four-seater car. Motive claims that the Kestrel can go up to a top speed of 84 mph with a driving range of 100 miles on its lithium-ion battery power, which is the same distance is the Nissan LEAF. Hopefully, the Motive Kestrel will be cheaper than the Nissan LEAF.

The Kestrel is part of the Project Eve, which Motive is one of the co-founders. Project Eve is a consortium of Canadian companies who want to bring electric mobility to Canada. A plan is set for a Kestrel prototype by mid 2011, and with full scale production in the fourth quarter of 2012.