Honda CR-Z gets supped up with new bodykit from AMS


The Honda CR-Z has been out more than half a year now, and you have been driving it in plain jane mode. Now, it is time to get it supped up. Good news, AMS just came out with the Terra wide bodykit for Honda CR-Z.

Yeah, the Honda CR-Z looks cute and cuddlely, but you don’t want that. AMS added a new front bumper and expand the front fenders and rear fenders by as much as 15 mm and 70 mm, respectively. The result is a wider Honda CR-Z, which looks much like a racer car now. Added to a racer look, AMS added a rear diffuser with centered dual exhaust muffler. There is also a rear hatch spoiler to keep the car at bay during fast driving, like if this car really needed.

All and all, the AMS Terra custom bodykit looks really appealing with the 19-inch Rays Versus Torismo Rechente wheels, but too expensive. The fully painted kit costs around $5,000.

  • Smooth O’

    C to the r to the z. You can’t beat it!!!!!

    • Vincent_Van

      I like the design, better than the stock form. Somehow I could never get used to the rear end.