ARK Performance Hyundai Genesis Coupe to debut at SEMA


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Finally, the Genesis Coupe gets some respect in the sports car arena.The original 3.8-liter V6 Genesis Coupe R-Spec model produces about 306 horsepower, and Hyundai is planning to have its sports car recognized in the tuner market by partnering with tuners to boost the performance of its V6 even further.

Ark Performance, Korea’s tuner, will push the limits of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track model by upgrading almost every performance component in it. Power of the Genesis Coupe will be raised to 450 horsepower with the help of new internal parts such as connecting rods, piston rings, and maybe honing the cylinders and extruding the air intakes. To achieve 450 horsepower level, Ark Performance will add a supercharger. In addition, a lot of modifications are needed to make the Genesis Coupe easier with its new power; this include a new air intake system and an exhaust system.

Braking power for the Genesis Coupe will come from Brembo brakes and DBA drilled and slotted rotors. Ark Performance will use its in hourse coilovers, sway bars and front strut bar to help stabilize the during spirited driving. Lightweight Volk TE37 SL wheels will also be added to give a performance as well as reduce total curb weight.

To show off the tuned Genesis Coupe new found power, Ark Performance will have a new complete bodykit manufactured. The new bodykit will include front and rear bumpers, hood, side skirts, rear diffuser and fenders. On the inside, you will find much of the bolt on equipment such as Bride seats, a six-point cage and Sparco steering wheel.

Ark Performance plans to debut its Track Time Attack Genesis Coupe at the SEMA show this year. Pictures of the Ark Performance Genesis Coupe is just a sketch now. We’ll have more actual photos and final specs before the SEMA show, so stay tuned.