Preview of Ford Fiesta RS WRC for 2011 racetrack


8307Ford Fiesta RS WRC-1″ /Ford-Fiesta-RS-WRC-1

Only Ford could pull this off in Europe because in America is all about the the muscle cars. Ford revealed its new Fiesta RS rally car at the Paris Motor Show. The new Fiesta RS WRC was developed for the rally racetrack. Ford of Europe co-developed with M-Sport to boost more power of the already potent 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine.

Testing is currently being done and will soon have the full functional model of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC by the first quarter of 2011. According to Mike Norton, manager of Ford Europe Motorsport, “The introduction of Ford’s latest engine technology to its rally programme reinforces further our commitment to motorsport. It also demonstrates our continued support for affordable competition by using an off-the-shelf production engine on which to base our WRC power plant.”

Too bad that the Ford Fiesta RS WRC is built for rally racetrack only. But have no fear, we are pretty sure that the custom bodykit manufacturers will make a copy of this design by time this news hit the world wide web. We’ll see more of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC in action at the Round 1 of the World Rally Championship in Sweden next year. Bon voyage!