Cadillac sales continued to rise 44 Percent in 2010


83572011 Cadillac SRX” /2011-Cadillac-SRX

Cadillac sales continued to rise 44 percent in 2010. Cadillac has gained more than 2 share points in the luxury segment in 2010. This is partly due to the fast growing luxury Cadillac SRX, with sales up 319 percent in 2010.

Much of that growth can be attributed to the Cadillac CTS as well. Cadillac continued to gain strength in the U.S. luxury auto market, posting a total of 12,620 sales in September. This is an 11 percent increase from a year ago. For the third quarter of 2010, total sales were up 65 percent over 2009. As a result, Cadillac continues to be the fastest-growing luxury brand in the U.S. Calendar year to date.

“The CTS and SRX have been key to attracting new customers to the Cadillac brand,” said Kurt McNeil, vice president of Cadillac Sales and Service, “and exemplify our commitment to be the leader in the luxury segment.”

Total Cadillac SRX sales increased 41 percent in September, making it the fastest-growing luxury vehicle for 2010. In addition, the Cadillac CTS sales aren’t bad either. It rose to 8 percent in September and are up 12 percent in calendar year to date over 2009.

Consumer demand for the Cadillac CTS has grown due to its new modern, sleek design. In addition, Cadillac provides more choices for customers, which it added the all-new 2011 CTS Coupe, CTS Sport Sedan and CTS Sport Wagon.