Bentley Continental GT Supersports with a new attitude and look


Want to pump the tame looking Bentley Continental GT Supersports up a bit? And that is if you got one, of course. Nevertheless, Anderson Germany, a tuning company, got a superkit for that modification.The superkit begins with some performance tweaks to internal of the Bentley.

The main customization towards the Bentley Continental GT Supersports’s internal functions is the usage of a tuning package, which accommodates a reprogrammed ECU, sports air filters and a lighter weight valve to govern the sports exhaust system using free-flow catalysts. The enhancements added about 65 horsepower, which raised the twin-turbocharged W12 engine’s output from 630 horsepower to 695 horsepower. No performance numbers listed yet, but we’ll sure to find out later and keep you posted.

Anderson Germany also engineered an even more competitive looking body kit, which also includes: brand new front and rear aprons, side skirts, a boot lid spoiler and a backside diffuser. Manufacture of the body kit is restricted to 300 items only. The package is also accompanied by a brand new set of 22-inch alloy wheels sprayed in black color along with 285/30-22 high performance tires.

Inside details of the Bentley Continental GT Superersports also got a few upgrades as well. It incorporates a variety of Alcantara and leather covers for the seats, door sections as well as steering wheel, plus loads of attractive carbon fiber trim. Pardon me, but do you have any mustard with that?