Chevrolet Volt’s 240V home charging system costs about $490


Chevrolet has contracted with a vendor to provide the Chevrolet Volt owners with inexpensive 240V home charging units. Listed by SPX Service Solutions at $490 without installation fees, the Chevrolet’s “Voltec” 240V home charging system is one of numerous 240V home charging systems that are going to be available on the market by SPX Service Solutions, a nationwide supplier of home charging installation services and equipment.

The Voltec 240V home charging system can charge the Volt’s battery from low level to a full charge in just about four hours. That is about 6 hours less compared with the standard 120V charge cord that plugs right into a household electric outlet. Installation of the Voltec 240V charging system is expected to be at $1,475 but sometimes can be varied based on electrical requirements in your area.

Together with the Chevrolet’s Voltec system, SPX will probably promote a number of residence charging stations and handle every aspect associated with installation for Volt owners, such as the home survey, installation, permitting, Department of Energy and utility coordination, and identification of accessible programs and rewards to reduce charging fees.