Honda prices 2011 Fit Hybrid at $19,310, and not for the U.S. is a market blunder


85852011 Honda Fit Hybrid-2″ /2011-Honda-Fit-Hybrid-2

Honda has virtually no plans (at the moment not yet) to export its 2011 Honda Fit or a.k.a Jazz Hybrid to the U.S., and it could be a market deployment disaster.  In a time when the U.S. is in dire of more competition in this market to make these subcompact green cars more affordable for U.S. consumers. Why do we want the Honda Fit Hybrid in the U.S. market? Well, for starter, its fuel economy is rated at 70.6 miles per gallon (under Japanese testing methods).

The Honda Fit hybrid been the talk of the green car town. It fits very well with this new generation of the green car market, and much of these markets would like to see the Honda Fit made available to compete in the new generation of the hybrid segment. Why is this so? The bottom line is to reduce the prices down, so that these green cars are available for the masses. Even though we know that there are government incentives, but has has no affect at the initial cost of owning one.

The Honda Fit (Jazz) is launching in Japan as we speak, and we’re pleased to recognize that Honda has kept its promise and priced the Fit Hybrid at a just about 1.59 million yen in Japan or $19,310 in U.S. But if you take into consideration of taxes and destination charges, the 2011 Honda Fit could end up into the $24,000 range if it were to arrive in the U.S. In Japan, the Honda Fit Hybrid will be the most affordable hybrid car on the market.

Honda reports that pre-orders in Japan for the Honda Fit hybrid have reached nearly 10,000 units, which makes it the nation’s best-seller; second to that is the Toyota Prius.