Google automated/driverless car in the making


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Google is studying on an automated driverless vehicle with the use of the Toyota Prius and technology from the 2007 DARPA Challenges, which was a series of autonomous vehicle races organized by the U.S. Government. The automated driverless car remains to be in the trial and error stages of development. Google had already clocked in about 140,000 miles of its test vehicles.

The automated driverless car is driven by computer, which has been programmed with road conditions and using Google map to help pilot itself to a destination. The vehicle is monitored throughout the whole test by a trained safety driver and software operator who can take control of the car immediately if something goes wrong. The automated driverless vehicles used by Google for testing are equipped with video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to let the cars sense the surrounding areas such as other motor vehicles and any obstacles within or near its path.

Google expects that the technological innovation may be used in the foreseeable future to lessen road traffic accidents. The automated driverless vehicles will help accomplish Google’s goal of what it is called the “highway trains of tomorrow.” ┬áThese highway trains should certainly reduce energy usage while also boosting the number of people that can be transported on major roads. Check out the video below of Google’s driverless car in testing.
[youtube 6LYi2NAi8zE?fs Google automated/driverless car]
Sources: Googleblog and Associated Press