ECOtality’s Blink EV charging stations coming to Best Buy stores


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ECOtality, an electric transportation and storage technology company, has announced that it will deploy 12 Blink EV Level 2 charging stations at twelve Best Buy stores located throughout Tucson, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA and Seattle, WA.

The charging stations will be built by March 2011. It will help ECOtality evaluate the real-world feedback of charging electric vehicles and figure out the necessities of individuals who drive them. ECOtality expects to cultivate the best design for creating an extensive EV national infrastructure, and these initial projects should certainly provide the company with the important details to achieve this goal.

At the start, the charging stations are limited to just 12 stores. ECOtality may expand the number of Blink charging stations at the Best Buy stores to other locations at some future date. ECOtality, through The EV Project, will eventually install some 15,000 commercial and residential chargers in the urban areas of six states.