BMW X4 coming to the market in 2014


Appears to be that BMW is planning to bring a BMW X4 to the market in 2014. The BMW X4 is in essence the smaller version of the successful BMW X6. From the concept sketch, its two-door body structure looks similar to the Land Rover Evoque that was debuted a month ago.

Despite the fact that the BMW X4 shares the same body structure plan, drivelines and chassis as the BMW X3, the BMW X4 is established to be given its own personal styling as some sort of a sportier image crossover ultility vehicle (CUV). As with the BMW X6, the exterior design of the BMW X4 alterations would certainly make it much less sensible with the reductions in headroom and luggage capacity. But from the concept drawings show that the 2014 BMW X4 as having the same upright nose and long, arching roof line, and angled rear hatchback as the BMW X6, which does indeed attract contemporary customers.

A source told Autoweek,“The design is not finalized, but we know the direction and it will likely surprise.”

There is some speculation that the BMW X4 will end up being produced at the Spartanburg, South Carolina facility. And also that a BMW X4 M version will be available as part of the blueprint to broaden its utility-vehicle lineup in 2014.

As for now, this is only speculation with insider sources, so the BMW X4’s final look could possibly alter significantly by the time it makes its debut in 2014. But one thing is for sure, the BMW X4 is set to compete with the Porsche Cajun and Land Rover Evoque in 2014.