2012 Toyota Yaris next generation?


87472012 Toyota Yaris-1″ /2012-Toyota-Yaris-1-620×465

Possibly, this is the best looking Toyota Yaris we’ve seen. Maybe it is time for the Toyota Yaris to get a new update for the North America version, this is one thing that Toyota of North America has been pressing for a while now.

We won’t get to see the 2012 Toyota concept version unil 2011 at the Detroit Auto Show, but we don’t need to wait that long. An image of the Toyota Vitz, which is marketed as the Toyota Yaris in North Americas, has appeared on Turbo.fr. website.

This could be the best looking Toyota Yaris yet, when compared to the current the Yaris design that looks like a jellybean. The Toyota Vitz sure does look like it takes design cue from the Scion brand. But can it compare to the likes of Ford Fiesta or Mazda2 in this subcompact segment? You’ll be the judge!

Well, nothing is for sure now. We will see more details from Toyota in a month or two.