World’s Fastest Ferrari with 275.4 mph top speed


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The world’s fastest Ferrari is held by the 1985 288 Ferrari GTO, which claims at 275.4 miles per hour top speed from an average of two runs at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The 1985 288 Ferrari GTO shattered the previous record holder by over 3 mph, which was set in 2008 in a modified Berkeley sports car.

Using a streamlined stock body of the 1985 288 GTO with a 540 cubic-inch big block General Motors V8 and two Borg Warner 80-mm turbos help boost up to 17 pounds, the engine develops between 2,000 and 2,500 horsepower. This enables owner Steve Trafton to snag not only the title of world’s fastest Ferrari, but the world’s fastest sports car (AA/BFMS) at the same time. This just to prove that unsophisticated raw power is still the supreme of all performance.

Enough talk, watch the video below of the 1985 288 GTO Ferrari in action.
[youtube 3_622rP7bqI?fs Ferrari 288 GTO at Bonneville Salt Flats – World’s Fastest Ferrari 275.4 mph ]