Apple wants to move you with its iMove car by 2020


Steve Jobs is trying to get a slice of the car market these days, and he is dreaming of a car utopia for us by 2020. The car is called the iMove, you’ve guessed it. The iMove is a driver-less electric car for the inner city folks, much of like a taxi that takes you from one programmed short destination to another. Too bad Google had beat Apple to the punch with its recent driver-less Toyota Prius car.

The iMove is study concept car which was designed by Liviu Tudoran, a 20-year old student from Turin, Italy. In his expression, the iMove is effortless, sleek, attractive, and mainly, integrates appropriately with the Apple product collection with user-friendly style and design. The iMove will also feature external surfaces use with “photocromic” elastic textile material to adjust the exterior hue of the vehicle based on a variety of presets; just like a chameleon.

The iMove driver-less electric car is still in rendering process, and we won’t see it in solid form anytime soon. Lets hope that iMove Inc. doesn’t sue Apple for trademark infringement first. But as always money will buy you most things, just as Apple bought out the “iPhone” name from Phillips Electronics.