Mazda Shinari concept to replace RX-8


Mazda is planning to replace its outdated sports car, the Mazda RX-8, with the new Mazda Shinari. Currently, the Mazda Shinari is still in its concept form. The Mazda Shinari is a four-door concept car, which Mazda based on its new “KODO – Soul of Motion” theme.

With this new design concept, Mazda plans to improve the quality level of its interiors for future vehicles. Mazda stated, “We want to play in the same group as BMW and Audi. On fit and finish we want the same level of quality.” The interior is possibly the most astonishing aspect of the Shinari. The Mazda Shinari’s interior includes aluminum trim, chronometer-style gauges and leather-covered seats, as well as an asymmetric front seating layout plus rear buckets.

So far, no specific details on the Mazda Shinari Concept other than Mazda stated that it takes some design cues from the Mazda RX-8: “The distinctive front fenders represent the further evolution of the prominent fenders introduced on the RX-8.”┬áProbably the most remarkable element of the exterior design was the commitment towards the theme in virtually every way of the concept. The many aluminum elements found on the exterior have a fluid like look. In addition, things like the headlights had been designed to possess a holistic look and fabricated to imitate the iris of a beast’s eye.

One thing we know for sure that the Mazda Shinari concept won’t be replacing the RX-8 anytime soon due to it setback on the development of its new 1.6-liter 16X rotary engine to meet stricter emissions standards for both Europe and North Americas. Hopefully, we will see the Mazda Shinari somewhere in 2013, and that is the year Mazda expected to have its new rotary engine completed.