Droptop Custom to display Chevrolet Camaro T-top conversion at SEMA show


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Droptop Custom is planning to debut its T-top Camaro along with its 2011 Cadillac CTS convertible conversion at the SEMA show in November. If you are one of those who still reminiscent the good ol’ times of the 80’s in your T-top Trans-Am, Corvette or 300Z, the T-top Camaro may just give you that ticket of “Blast to Past”.

The T-top conversion for the 2011 Camaro will add $6,500 more to the 2011 Camaro SS sticker price. If you are worrying about the structure issue, Hennessey Performance already got a convertible version Camaro, so a T-top version from Droptop Custom will be handling just fine. In addition, Droptop Custom has been building conversions since 1976.

According to Company President Jeff Moran, “The installation utilizes our exclusive convertible understructure reinforcement. Most of these T-top Camaros will come supercharged, so there is no need for concern when you want to let your pony run.”

Production of the of the T-top Camaro will starts in mid-November of this year, and you can pre-order at the moment.