Chevrolet Volt configurator is online


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The Chevrolet Volt is very soon to come to select Chevrolet dealerships, and GM just put up its official online vehicle configurator for customers to play with. The online configurator will let you build the Chevrolet Volt to your own taste with a final price tag as well.

Based on the online configurator, the Volt starts at $41,000. But you can get tax breaks from the government, which will offset you to about $32,780. If you live in a certain area with air pollution restrictions, your final price for the Chevrolet Volt could be $28,000.

The fully loaded Chevrolet Volt with a custom paint job, Park Assist, heated leather seats and aluminum wheels will set you about $44,680.

If you are just new in the green car market and the price tag is a bit hefty for you, you might want to consider leasing the Chevrolet Volt for a try instead. The Chevrolet Volt can be leased for $350 a month for 3 years with $2,500 down payment at signing, which may be the best option for this first time car in the market. We have not much experience with these kind of cars yet, in terms of reliability and maintenance cost.