Chevrolet Camaro with an upgraded interior by Bulgarian tuner


Even though the Chevrolet Camaro looks to be a beautifully designed sports car, there’s still some changes needed to made to the plastic looking interior. Bulgarian tuner Nasko Vilner set out to make the Camaro a perfect sports car by focusing on upgrading its interior.

For this particular job, Vilner procured a Silver Ice V6 Camaro and then added his own custom design to the seats, dash, ceiling, and throughout the interior. The Camaro’s interior is now bound with leather throughout. Almost everything on the inside is improved such as the front panel, steering-wheel, seats and the ceiling. The end result is a interior with a colors of grey and brown with nubuck, aged nappa and chrome masking almost all areas.

Do you think this is tastefully done? Better than the Neiman Marcus Camaro in terms of price and beauty?